1) A person who has gone from a principled, formerly tortured war veteran to one who is senile and willing to pander to the lowest common denominator in a desperate attempt to win an election.

2) A windbag; an crotchety old man who will scream at children to get off his lawn.

3) A man who has sold his soul to the devil, or has forgotten where he placed it.
"That John McCain over there just told my daughter he would fire bomb her if she didn't stop playing in his sprinkler."
by Huey Duey September 01, 2008
The guy who looks like a cross between Michael Myers from Halloween and Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre
John Mccain looks like a serial killer
by Fluorescent Black September 10, 2008
The next president of the United States.
Probably 75% or more blacks in the United States are voting for Barack Obama simply because he is black. They don't know or care about the issues. Me? I'm white. My vote will certainly go to John McCain simply because he is white. I don't know or care about the issues.
by Jonesyman July 11, 2008
A respectible Republican senator from Arizona. Served in Vietnam, and was a Republican Primary candidate before (unfortunately) being defeated by George W Bush.
I hope John McCain runs for office come '08.
by RHS Student November 04, 2004
Someone who could lead this country better then Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton altogether. He supports in the war in Iraq, and was a victim of "Foxing" by the liberal media, giving him a bad impression which implies that he wants us to keep the fight in Iraq actively for "100 years". In reality he just wants to keep U.S military in Iraq for as long as it takes to prevent them from being taken over by terrorist organizations again. Yes, even for 100 years.

He's not the best politician out there, but the narrow choices given in this election force us to choose him if we don't want the country in political ruin by an inexperienced Illinois senator.
There aren't any real good candidates in this election, but John McCain seems best out of the bunch. I'll vote for him.
by Lir_Vidar May 11, 2008
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