One who skips school or other related activities, commonly used in the Maritime Provinces of Canada.
Cody is such a jigger, i haven't seen him yet this month in school.
by ModHaxor November 10, 2008
A kids go cart made from a scaffold plank, some bits of wood (axles), a piece of rope (steering) and a set of pram wheels (preferably 'Silver Cross'). The term was certainly used in the Tottenham area of N.London during the late 60s.
'Look at those old pram wheels. They'd be great for a jigger'.
by Terry Richards May 02, 2008
A scally, someone who wears baseball caps and is non-educated.
Check out the jigger walking down the street with his track suit bottoms tucked into his socks!
by Steve Burgess April 24, 2006
lookout, watching.
Ace Dog held jiggers while I stump broke that punk.
by Jig-Gers October 18, 2003
A generic noun that can be used to describe any other noun
Billy "Hey, look at that jigger there"
Larry "That sure is a fancy mailbox..."
Billy "How much for that jigger over there?
Sales Clerk "$50 sir."
Billy "Ah... what about this jigger here?"
by That Hick November 26, 2009
A word that means nothing and yet, everything.
It can be used in almost any sentence, as a verb, or adjective, or pronoun, or noun. Almost every word can be switched out for Jigger, or a form of Jigger.

If it made sense.
"I was walking down the street and I saw this Jigger!"

"I'm going to my Jigger, what are you doing?"
by Omg... MARMALADE November 15, 2009
A jello loving nigger
Basically, Bill Cosby is a jigger.
by Spearchuckin Tarbaby November 09, 2009

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