A correctional officer or police officer. Often used by inmates when watching for officers. Shooting jiggers means to watch for officers.
Hey get up on the bunk and shoot jiggers.
by J. October 30, 2004
In Newfoundland, it is a device used to reel in fish from the water. It has multiple hooks on the end, and you rell it in by hand. They are now illegal, and no one fishes here anymore anyway.
"Got yer jigger ready? Lets catch us some fish by'!"
by Feehan July 26, 2004
A sharpened piece of metal used as a weapon, Texas prison slang.
He assaulted an inmate with a jigger.
by John Angles September 27, 2007
A larger than normal shot of liquor. Originated in Holland.
Kid after those 6 jiggers of crunk juice i was pasted.
by Brian George June 22, 2005
Taken from Jay-Zs relentless albums it has always meant a few things:

1 - My Homie.
2 - A Cigarette(s)
Hey what's up my Jigger?

Pass me my Jiggers I'm choking!
by Digdogz April 18, 2005
a black jew that is a ledgend in Rockland County
person 1:have you seen Jigger?
person 2 : No
person 1 : then your day is not complete
by bob_dole December 09, 2008
In addition to 6. Jigger, indeed this is an alleyway in Liverpudlian (Scouce). The example below was heard on a bus to Liverpool from two "judies" who were talking.
"Whatya do lass Satdy nite?"

"We went down a jigger fir a kneetrembler, like"
by Manxie April 09, 2007

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