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A beast skier in the park, however not the best at regular downhill.
Whoa dude, look at those jibbers on the half-pipe.
Yeah man they are awesome.
by Adam Huenemann October 23, 2007
a person who is on crystal meth/speed (aka jib) usually seen riding around town on a bike with a trailer attached hauling a huge load of junk (which is usually stolen)
Watch where you're going, the ghetto is jibber territory
by miss_kitty_infiniti September 19, 2009
Origin of this word is dirived from the phrase 'jailbait.'
Jailbait became JB, which later became became 'jib' or 'jibber.' It is used to discribe an person that is under the age of 18.
The best part of my day is getting a rager from staring at all those jibbers :D
by stagitory_rap_is_not_rap August 12, 2009
The sexual act of sucking a fart out of your partner's ass with a straw, holding it in your mouth and proceeding to make out with fart juice being shared.
I gave Brandon a Jibber because he was wanting to try something new and was a little too scared to go for the barracuda launcher
by black magic rod July 10, 2008
A small, hairy chinchilla gnome that greases up horny naked Canadians
A Canadian would say: I got a visit from a Jibber the other day, it caught me whilst showering, quite a pleasurable experience it was too!
by Mr.Pete November 09, 2007
someone who somehow finds a way to not take something,to leave a party/sesh,or just not turn up to a party/sesh
A''are you coming to the party jj?''
B''no im workin 9-5 in the garage fraser''
A''youre such a jibber!''

by dei wyn November 01, 2007
A foolish person. The word can be used to describe a person as being one, or said to someone when they perform an idiotic action.
Ahh you jibber, you spilt coffee all over the sofa!
by ButtonFaceBilly September 24, 2007