A Jibber is a person who cunningly acquires an item or object they require for personal use without the exchange of cash, cards or cheque. A Jibber could also artfully 'dodge' train, taxi and bus fares.
Dan; i had to get the train to London the other day but had no wonga on me, anyway i managed to jib my way there....

Dave; nice one you Jibber!!!!!
by Pussssy Galore November 26, 2006
v. The act of sending an IM or instant chat to someone, as opposed to conveying information in an email, which would be 'emailing.' Etymology: Jibber Jab; Mr. T.
"I've just jibbered you the details, go over and look on your computer and let me know what you stink."

"OK - I'll jibber you from my phone when I'm at the restaurant."

"Don't bother emailing, just jibber me when you get back to your desk."

"You're flooding my chat window with IMs! Jibber me timbers!"
by Doomnation July 10, 2013
(jibber, pronounced djibbar) An eccentric or pseudo-eccentric person who usually follows the jazz-scene, and the stereotypical features that follow, including but not necessary knitted sweaters, glamorizing of excessive coffee-consuming, and patriotic view on local values, like dialects.
"Hey, have you seen those guys behind the gym at school? They are totally jibbers man!!"
by AndyRay3k March 12, 2012
Anything for which the name can't be called to mind. A substitute.
Hey mate, have you got the jibber I need to fix this jibber?
by Jazman63 February 18, 2010
jibber is a skank ass type of purple weed grown in fucking pineapples. the dank ass pineapple mold gets onto the weed and turns shit purple.
its great
jibbers purple but its the shit man
by dickmanpenisdog July 11, 2011

A person who promises to turn up to events, and either pulls out at the last minute, or just doesn't show.
Ryan:Is Gareth gonna show up at any point tonight?

Rob: Doubt it...that Jew bastards a right Jibber.
by SuperGinge September 09, 2009
a rolled marijuana cigarette
"Hey let me have a hit off that jibber you rolled.."
by btezra October 24, 2002
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