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pronounced like Paris means a soldier on a horse_back sometimes with a sword in his hand.
I love this man very much, he is the fares of my dreams
by Dr. Lang August 28, 2007
Sexy and sweet, sometimes quiet. Usually happy and laughing. Perfect hair, and really cute laugh. His voice goes very high when someone bites him. Always looks adorable and he makes boyfriends very jealous because he's the perfect best friend to a girl. Guys want to be him and girls want to be with him. He's a really good guy.
Boyfriend: Hey, your head looks like a bunnies ass.
Girl: No! Don't talk about my Fares!!!
by Man.Mag November 19, 2010
meaning wellfare, of poor qaulity, or stupid originating from the town of gloucester MA
wow omaley middle school is fucking fare like dylan sheen and shawn mcKompskiy the inventors of fare themselves
by poo poo poo May 21, 2005
bull known for eating any girl with a vagina out..when not grounded by mommy and daddy. often can change accents from normal to ghetto mid-sentence.
Other Bull: Wana order a pizza?
Fares: I dont want no pizza, but ill eat the box fo sho.
by Box Owner December 21, 2007
a totally stupid ass kid who will talk about nothing but video games
Fares is stupid.
by Anonymous June 06, 2003
An odd-shaped head. A liking for the cock. And above all a need to be an oober douche. Someone who likes to erase people's whiteboards and flip bookbags. See also:Gay, Faggot, Noob, Douche bag.
"WTF you just ate my food...what a Fares."

"motherfucking bookbag flipper...i mean Fares."
by Kukas August 16, 2006
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