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English Romany word for money. Originally means burning embers and in other european Romani dialects 'angaar' still has that meaning. In 18th and 19th century English 'coal' also meant money. Wonga is the romani calque.
moola, dosh, bread, wonga, I don't care as long as its money
by klidenengro September 09, 2004
money, cash, dosh,
by Anonymous July 23, 2003
Meaning money, dosh, cash, dough, readies, paper, coinage etc

Strange because nobody heard it until it was on TV.
Popularised in 2009 by some random dude on the Envirfone advert. Where you send them your old phone for WONGA!
You can get £50, £100 or maybe even £150!
which helps the environment but doesnt explain how...
-"Got an old mobile phone?"

- "Ancient! So last year!"

-"Want some money for it?"


"Fifty pounds!

A hundred pounds!


#money #wonga #wonga man #envirofone #dosh #readies #wonga!
by Iliketurtleskid December 10, 2009
Money, cash, dollar, change.
I gots no wonga
#cash #dollar #change #money #booty
by Pagslar January 15, 2011
best word to put into songs ever.
I think it means money.
Breathe underWONGA!

There's a WONGA in the lake.

Woooaho sweet child of WONGA!
#wonga #envirophone #money #cash #dosh
by aliceontoast May 24, 2010
A term in reference to larger women who belive they are sexy. It comes from the fact that good mates will pay £260 (the price of a loan from a short term instant lender) in return for having sex with someone exceptionally fat. Often predatory, they tend to pick on young lonely males. There BMI is over 30 and they tend to be between the ages of 27 and 40.
Just pulled a wonga cringe
#wonga #fat #bitch #ugly #sexy
by Dropit2popit July 06, 2011
alternative word for weed, marajuana etc.
Kev - I'll come to yours tonight mate.
Lee - Nice one, have you got any wonga?
Kev - I have!
Lee - Great I could do with a smoke or two!!
#weed #herb #grass #skunk #mary jane
by REL74 February 18, 2010
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