A foolish person. The word can be used to describe a person as being one, or said to someone when they perform an idiotic action.
Ahh you jibber, you spilt coffee all over the sofa!
by ButtonFaceBilly September 24, 2007
A person who leaves a session whilst its still going, or who falls asleep mid sesh. Jibbing is one of the worse things to do if you are normally up for the party. Jibbing by going home results in weeks of torment and may result in you being called a Jibber for life. Jibbing by falling asleep will result in you getting drawn on, shaved, stripped etc.
Its only 5am and he's fallen asleep the Jibber, lets shave his eyebrows off!
by Lauralizzy April 14, 2006
a new school skiier who sticks to the park. shithouse at regular skiing but insane at tricks and rails.
yo dude you got skills but you are a jibber.

"that dude is pimpin" "nah dude, jibber"
by andre pestello August 14, 2006
A uneducated country person, characterized by their incomprehensible accent, and failure to talk about anything other then their Ford pick-up truck. Frequently use phrases such as "Yeah, bud!", or "Git-r-done!" Are also known to exhibit a southern accent despite living above the Mason-Dixon line.

See also: Redneck, breeder
That jibber only talks about his F-350 and chronically regurgitates quotes from Larry the Cable Guy.
by Slick Willy April 18, 2005
An act of defecation, waste matter disposed from the body (faeces)
It wouldn't be wise to use the bathroom at this time, as I have just done a jibber and it was quite malodorous

I didn't make it to the bathroom in time, now there is jibber in my pants
by Malashy June 25, 2006
Person(s) who jibs (skips lessons). See my definition for jibbing.
Me: Are we gonan go to Maths?

Jordan. Nah. Let's jib.
by Craig April 29, 2005
the coolest MxO Player ever!
damn...jibber is cool!!
by jibber March 18, 2005
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