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The act of wanting to fight.
"Yo nigga catch my fade!!"
by Kamikaze April 25, 2004
The Jewish equivalent of Jesus.
"Holy crap! Jesus is walking on water!"

"No, that's Jewsus. Moron."
by Kamikaze January 07, 2004
A less derrogatory way of saying "Bullshit"
"Man why you bullstuffin?"
by Kamikaze April 25, 2004
Usually heard on Pop-Tart commercials. Means "Sweet!" or "Awesome!" or "Damn!"
There's a dog up your butt! Beum!

Beum! His head fell off!
by Kamikaze January 07, 2004
To deliver semen to someone or something.
Josh was somobizing the farm animals again!
by Kamikaze September 02, 2003
An exclimation to express anger or exasperation. Either used before or after a statement.

Syn: argh.
I have final exams today and I forgot my calculator! NARGH!

Nargh, you are a moron.
by Kamikaze December 04, 2004
A phrase used to agree in what is going on or to happen.
"You want to go to the, movies i'm game"
by Kamikaze April 25, 2004
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