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the act of putting out your arms as if like jesus on the cross can be done like planking where a photo is taken in a certain spot
JESUSING. kind of like planking only alot cooler
by thyisnothorses July 18, 2011
The act of building something (most commonly) furniture or carpentry without the use of power tools.
Guy 1: Damn my hands hurt!

Guy 2: Why?

Guy 1: Cause I have been jesusing this desk all day!
by metriodz February 25, 2011
a sexual act which requires 4 seperate parties (usually consensual) including 1 well endowed male and 4 females (hot) where the man lies on his back as if on a crucifix, while the 4 females are positioned on: Finger of right hand, finger of left hand, face and penis.
Apparently last night Huw got 4 girls drunk and endulged in a session of Jesusing with them . . . What a legend!!!
by Bodger and Badger (pjm, 139) February 25, 2010