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When a college football player does an amazing move beyond human capabilities. Only used when talking about college football players.
Tim Tebow just jesused on that play. He broke 5 tackles and ran for an 80 yard touchdown.
by College Football Guru October 22, 2009
Slang: Past tense of the verb "to Jesus" which means to do something perfectly.
Yes! I got a 97% on my term paper. I completely Jesused my conclusion.
by lordacro April 07, 2006
To become an annoying, over-the-top, born again Christian.
"He used to be fun and drink with us at parties, but now he's all mellow and God-this and God-that after getting all Jesused."
by Dr. Charles Dromedary September 09, 2011
adj.: 1) Describing being nailed, be it physically or verbally.
2) Of or pertaining to having nailed another.
1) "Dude, you just got Jesus'ed!"
2)"I totally Jesus'ed him into next week."
by Drew Brutzman February 05, 2004
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