Opposite of "buttery" which means smooth and easy and all around good. jelly is used to describe a shitty situation or a dumb thing someone did.
Also can be used to describe a party foul situation
"-hey u think this girl is hot? -EW no she's so jelly"
by Nick Sure Thing Shirley August 28, 2009
A super stylish skate trick that is flows real nice.
That was a jelly ass kickflip!
by jmanjo94 July 21, 2009
Jelly is a shortened form is jelious or jellyious theses words are normally said around the epson area of auckland newzealand
epson slut1: Hey look at me new Shirt JELLY MUCH?

Epson slut: omg im jelly to the max!
by Dani-smells good July 20, 2008
tomazepam sleeping tablets scaffs get out of their head on with cider
ee jock, got any jellies, ee!?
by Richard Parker October 03, 2003
a slutty girl, a hoe ( whore ), one who sleeps around; a golddigger. Commonly used in Akron,Ohio
Tina sleeps around a lot. She's nothing but a jelly
by Erika June 27, 2003
A person who has smoked so much marijuana that their brain has turned to jelly. Also known as a burnout, pot head or stoner.
"That dude smokes so much reefer. He is a total Jelly!"
by Mike Peters January 29, 2006
Short for "jelly donut." Most widely used in Canada. Plural: Jellies
"Let's go get a beer and some jellies, eh!"
by John January 07, 2004

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