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Of little or no importance; meaningless
"Look at that bum" "he lives the life of a trifle"
by Dick33 April 29, 2008
The act of yourself and two additional accomplices taking consecutive shits in the same toilet without anyone flushing, thus giving the same look of the three layered desert, leaving the host with an inevitably backed up toilet.
Two friends and I went to a really lousy party. The food gave all of us the shits. So, before we left the party, we took turns and left a trifle.
by jesusinya October 06, 2011
to sloth around, to be ridiculous, to live your life
-can also be defined as "Triflin' on someone" or trying to hook up with them
"I was triflin on him all night"

"I've done nothing today, just trifled around"
by triflecity May 31, 2009
A vagina on period
"Yeah, so I went down her and before i knew it i was tasting her trifle!!"
"Why am i friends with you"
by PHNE September 21, 2008
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