A.K.A. Jealousy
It's an adjective that often applies to douche bags.
When an ex-president has to give up his power to a current president, the ex-president gets SUPA JELLY..
by NewPRES2012 April 28, 2011
A girl who is very innocent with a high voice. She will wear bows in her hair and footy pajamas. She usually likes to draw with crayons and markers. This kind of girl will ask what certain words mean because she was very sheltered. Also, jellys almost ALWAYS love pigs.
Dude, that freshman girl is wearing pigtail with BOWS!
Yeah, she's such a jelly.
by Akamry October 23, 2010
cellulite or fat
I don't think you ready for this jelly.
(I don't think you realize what a fat ass I am underneath these ghetto assed clothes.)
by Cricket September 08, 2003
1. Concerning the product of a female's menstrual cycle
2. dried up period
3. jelly-like period vs. watery-type period
Jessica: augh, it's my time of the month

Marci: Oh my gawd I'm so sorry... HEY EVERYBODY JESSICA GOT THE JELLY!!!

everyone: ew!

Jessica's Boyfriend: yum
by fantastico123412351234 November 21, 2011
word to indicate acceptance or comprehension of an idea/though.
Wanna go see a movie? - yah I'm jelly
by jellymadeit February 02, 2011
1. an easy task

2. semen
The class may look like jelly but it's not going to be all beer and skittles.
by The Return of Light Joker January 17, 2010
jelly{tricked out} is a hot paint job
inside peanut butter,outside jelly
by maddchattr July 05, 2006

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