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Trying to have sex with a girl using a limp penis.
1. "I was stressed and I couldn't get my dick hard, so I started jellying her instead."
by Lambcriesatnight March 15, 2010
a dancing genre for overweight people
when an overweight person dances around whilst with a group of people, they are said to be jellying around.
by itsallaboutme123 December 07, 2010
When a person at a concert is trying to dance and sing along but is incredibly off beat and usually mouthing the wrong words. The opposite of jamming.
"I'm never taking Derek to a concert again. He was jellying all over the place with no sense of direction or rhythm."

"Do you see the guy with his hippie girlfriend in front of us?"
"Yeah, he's really spreading out his jelly!"
"Couldn't agree more, man Phish is awesome!"
by 802dan January 02, 2010
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