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One who is not made of bodily flesh.
Wow, You know that Jelly, he has no flesh!
by Meow487 November 17, 2010
1 7
To apply by/with force. To cram, jam, or stuff.
After payin for services, John is going to jelly his cock down the prostitutes throat.
by Tizzle69 June 09, 2009
6 12
short for jealous. used mostly by girls; guys should never ever say this unless they are trying to slyly come out of the closet.
"omg jessica, when did you get engaged? look at that rock, i'm so jelly!!"
by loserfaceeeeee April 02, 2009
18 24
Having no spine (as in jellyfish); a cowerdly act
Man, that was a jelly move.
by Tishmanga January 09, 2004
18 24
cellulite or fat
I don't think you ready for this jelly.
(I don't think you realize what a fat ass I am underneath these ghetto assed clothes.)
by Cricket September 08, 2003
117 123
1. Concerning the product of a female's menstrual cycle
2. dried up period
3. jelly-like period vs. watery-type period
Jessica: augh, it's my time of the month

Marci: Oh my gawd I'm so sorry... HEY EVERYBODY JESSICA GOT THE JELLY!!!

everyone: ew!

Jessica's Boyfriend: yum
by fantastico123412351234 November 21, 2011
0 7
1) When a penis is not erect. 2) A floppy dick.
"Aww, it's jelly!" - most fun to play with.
by fluffy bunny April 21, 2008
49 56