short for jealous. used mostly by girls; guys should never ever say this unless they are trying to slyly come out of the closet.
"omg jessica, when did you get engaged? look at that rock, i'm so jelly!!"
by loserfaceeeeee April 02, 2009
Temazepam. Theraputic sleeping pills.
"Oh yeah, sweet jelly roll;
You bake the best jelly roll in town.
You're the only man that bakes jelly,
And you keep your temper down."
by Kenshi Ryden July 10, 2008
One who is not made of bodily flesh.
Wow, You know that Jelly, he has no flesh!
by Meow487 November 17, 2010
A girl who is very innocent with a high voice. She will wear bows in her hair and footy pajamas. She usually likes to draw with crayons and markers. This kind of girl will ask what certain words mean because she was very sheltered. Also, jellys almost ALWAYS love pigs.
Dude, that freshman girl is wearing pigtail with BOWS!
Yeah, she's such a jelly.
by Akamry October 23, 2010
phrase made up by rapper ARAB

referring to something being fresh, good, or fly; can be either a material item or non tangible such as swag

song Jelly on Ching mixtape
Arab: my watch jelly, my car jelly, everything's so jelly man!

Kristina: like wtf!?

Arab: Jelly Bitch!
by DCamps31 January 11, 2010
Having no spine (as in jellyfish); a cowerdly act
Man, that was a jelly move.
by Tishmanga January 09, 2004
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