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A Jelly is the SI unit for measuring fun. One Jelly is equal to three smiles.
It was founded by Dr. Joel Schock in 1994, back when the music was still good. It is currently being proposed to be added to the metric system. It mostly likely will not, because it is a slang term.
"Wow that camping trip was fun! It was at least seven Jellies!"

"That concert rocked the house!"
"Heck yeah! Acording to my chart, it was over 9000 jellies!"
"What? 9000!"
by Tony Grayson October 08, 2008
Word for Fat.
All Jelly, no toast.
by MC Ian August 22, 2003
when someone punches or kicks one of your limbs until you cant feel it any more.
nah no another jelly!!!
by jelly giver March 03, 2004
Urn pah's belly! And dockys.
Damn homie, take a look at urn pah's jellies!
by kevishto March 01, 2005
a nickname for someone named Kelly, who is a big whore, who thinks she's fat when she really isnt.
Jelly said, "I dont care who you are, if you make out with your best girl friend, you are a LESBIAN!"

by LC January 28, 2005
Glops of blood that come out of a pussy when a girl has her period
The girl had realized that her jellies were laying in her bed after her period
by Matt Andersonlol March 01, 2008