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penis. 1337 way to say penis, cock, or any other referral to the male genitalia.
kiss my ass and sux mah penor!

my penor is 11 inches long.

u wish u had mah penor!

This movie sux teh penor.
by jenou April 30, 2007
The best american car, and the bane of all imports. A must for American car enthusiasts who have an extra 120K to throw around. Plus ricer racers fear it like the grim reaper.
Ricer Racer: OMG it r teh Ford GT!
Ford GT driver: lol@you
Ricer Racer: Shit! Run! Our skylines can never win!
Ford GT driver: haha, you better run!
by jenou April 28, 2007
The main enemy in the hit anime Ronin Warriors.

Talpa is without a doubt the most badass anime villain of all time. The way he speaks, fights, and his armor all flow together to create one awesome ass-kicking machine whose name is TALPA!
lol. Talpa just pwnt Ryo.

Shut up. Talpa could take Naraku with his arms cut off!

Talpa is the best.
by jenou April 29, 2007
A result of way too much applebees, this dump is a force to be reckoned with. The poor fool who falls victim to this devastating stool is subject to such a level of pain, that his hair may turned gray instantly. Survivors have described it as feeling as if a tree trunk was leaving you sideways. If your poor ass is ever deflowered by a childbirth dump, follow these steps immediately:
*call obstetrician
*hope to god he has an epidural

NOTE---this type of dump may render one paralyzed from the waist down.
Bob was in a wheelchair for eight months after a monster childbirth dump. fuckin applebees.
by jenou April 12, 2007
A person who is homosexual and afraid of everything.
Dude, stop being such a pussywinkle. You're gonna have to skydive eventually, and the ass-pounding thing has got to stop.
by jenou April 12, 2007
Someone who sucks a penis and then chokes on the penis/ semen. Sometimes a dick hoffer who gets a dick stuck bad enough in his/her throat, that he/she is rushed to the nearest hospital to get the penis professionally removed from their esophagus/larynx.

The word dick hoffer comes from the word dick (penis) and the word hoff, which is an otomotopia for someone choking on a large object.

The word Dick Hoffer is used to describe someone who frequently gives head. I mean really REALLY frequently.

-Sometimes used in referrence to someonewho is annoying, stupid, a jerk, etc.
"Dont go out with that girl, dude. She's a dick hoffer big time.

"Damn, that guy is such a dick hoffer."

"Dude, dont be such a fucking dick hoffer!"
by Jenou January 19, 2007
noun::An imaginary weapon used to smite n00bs. When someone spams or causes trouble on a forum, mods and users alike will refer to it.

I was playing halo with my buddy and I totally took out the banstick on his ass.

he's spamming like no other! take out teh banstick plz!
by jenou April 30, 2007

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