A stupid word used by stupid people, who cannot come up with original words. Replaces an empty space.
Thats jelly" "You're stupid
by RachelBlackburn April 22, 2011
1. a sandwich additive to make it more scrumptious

2. a word used in place of jealous by people that can't spell it unless there is some form a spell-check aiding the speller
Example 1. Like peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Example 2. text from person A: bro, you are so jelly of him

text from person B: spell-check not working

text from person A: yes
by PumaWhisperer January 19, 2011
a nice phat booty. one that shakes like jelly. basically a nice meaty butt
bro you see the jelly on that girl, lemme get some of that
by anjiiiiiiiiiiii April 25, 2010
Jealous. This is another Chanytell coined word. She created it when she couldn't fit the word jealous in a text box due to lack of character spaces.
The microphone is to awesome! You're just jelly!
by rebelsmileygirl July 23, 2012
1) When a penis is not erect. 2) A floppy dick.
"Aww, it's jelly!" - most fun to play with.
by fluffy bunny April 21, 2008
A nice piece o' ass.
Damn I got some FULL handfulls of her jelly behind he portable.
by Amanda and Jackie January 29, 2003
phrase made up by rapper ARAB

referring to something being fresh, good, or fly; can be either a material item or non tangible such as swag

song Jelly on Ching mixtape
Arab: my watch jelly, my car jelly, everything's so jelly man!

Kristina: like wtf!?

Arab: Jelly Bitch!
by DCamps31 January 11, 2010

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