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Just another shitty year
2015 is yet another year where that girl you like. Yea she's going to start seeing someone else and stop hanging out with you.
by 69username69 December 31, 2014
A year that Marty {Martin McFly or to his mom as a teen, Calvin Klien(it was on his underwear)}(actor:Michael J. Fox) and the Doc {aka Doctor Emmit Brown}(actor; Christopher Lloyd)go to in the Doc's time machine (dillorian) this year has flying cars and a "sky way", pepsi bottles are hard to open,and any game you play with your hand is supposedly a "baby's toy"
Marty: you mean we are in the year two thousand fifteen (2015)?!?!
Doc: well...i...uh...
Jennifer (marty's Gf): wait i dont understand marty.
Marty: Well... Jennifer, youre in a time machine.
Jennifer: WOW!!! O_O *turns to Doc* you said we have kids right?!?! how many? was it a big wedding with lot's of flowers?
Doc: well...i...uh
Jennifer: OMG! we're gonna see where we live! marty! we're gonna see our future!
Marty: heh...yeah...
Doc: *puts laser beams in jennifer's eyes and she falls asleap.*

all of this is in the air inside the dillorian/time machine
by Grace2293 April 27, 2006
The year we get hoverboards
Person1: yo, it's 2015! You know what we get now?
Person2: What?
Person1: hoverboards!
by XShadowXQueenX January 01, 2015
The year that everyone expected something big and futuristic to happen, but instead was exactly like the past three years.
2015 shouldn't exist.
by ludicrous_ May 26, 2015
A year that you could wipe your ass with and not be able to tell the difference between your shit and what happened during 2015. In fact, you probably can't tell the difference between 2015 and the rest of the 2010's.
Bob: It's 2015! We're supposed to be getting hoverboards this year!

Joe: Nope, just more god awful entertainment.
by IReallyDontLikeYou September 22, 2015
The year everyone got offended
Bill: 2015
Mary:Bill stop that fucking offends me
by biblicalcunt March 25, 2016
the year when everyone seems to be offended by everything. and also the year when the most overrated and worst musics hit the public.
talk about LGBT and the gays/lesbians/trans will feel offended.

talk about science and atheism, and religious groups will be offended.

talk about or do something normal, and you'll offend feminist and SJW groups.

talk about any particular race, and you'll offend that group.

Talk about America, and you'll be offended by both the people from other countries.

Talk about Muslims and the Qu'ran, and you'll offend the terrorists. (same for the other way around)

Wave a Confederate Flag on your house, you'll offend everyone that finds it racist.

Talk about the consoles or tablets or Apple stuff, you'll offend the /r/PCMasterRace groups.

Talk about gun laws, and you'll offend the 2nd Amendment diehards.

A white cop shoots a black boy, blacks find it offensive.

Talk about Donald Trump, both racist and anti-racist will go butthurt about it.

talk about size, fat and skinny people will get offended.

il/legalizing drug issue, and offend the stoners.

"Watch Me (Nae Nae)" and "Hotline Bling" are so overrated and horrible. The same goes for literally every other songs that talks about nothing other than drugs, sex, money, and bitches.

2015 sucks.
by xacolmah March 10, 2016

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