1. fruit preserves aka jam

2. a yummy gelatinous dessert

3. a pathetic hipster way of saying you're jealous
1. I'm going to make myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It's going to be delicious!

2. Mmm. This bowl of jelly really hits the spot!

3. You posted X all the Ys on Facebook more times than I did yesterday. I is legit so jelly. If only I didn't spend all day playing pool at college and taking photos of myself wearing indie hats. Oh well. Ily so hard. For real.
by winsomnia October 16, 2011
jealous; feeling resentment because of another's success
You are just jelly of robot. Go fuck yourself.
by Turdurg July 21, 2010
That state of being jealous in a non-serious and playful manner. Commonly used by couples that are madly in love and only talk to one another in 'cute' language. The usage of this word symbolizes the couple's insecurities towards losing their significant other to another person.
"When I see you and _______ together I get Jelly"

"Don't be Jelly"

"I'm Jelly"
by StarStarmie November 27, 2009
You got a new computer? I'm so jelly! I don't even have an old one!
by Charlotte wikerson July 10, 2008
Another word for "jealous", which I find completely stupid and whenever I hear a grown man say it, I just wanna slap him in the balls.
Dude #1: "Dude got MW3 early and we still gotta wait for it."

Dude #2: "You jelly?"

Dude #1: -falcon punches Dude #2-
by Spardakus November 06, 2011
An exact equivalent to "Jealous" usually followed by bro.
Dude:Where did you get that game???
You: You Jelly Bro?

Dude:I need a life, where did you get one?
Me:You Jelly Bro?

Dude:I'm a noob, your not!
You: You f**kin jelly bro!
by xSyn3rgy May 13, 2011
To be insanely jealous of a person, or persons
Man I'm so Jelly that you know who Alma Kogan is.
by masterofmel February 21, 2011
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