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One who spells. One who spells correctly. Having the ablity to spell.

Antonyms: everyone who uses AIM
wonbadazzzdood2158: "hey man how r u?"
timister8425: "WTF?!"
wonbadazzzdood2158: "I asked how u r"
timister8425 has signed off
by Woodent Yu Liik Tou No April 02, 2005
Used by a Newby to practice and perfect all mannors of unspeakable sexual deeds. Enjoys being dominated and told what to do by said Newby.

Cannot find his balls cause said Newby has locked them in a safe!
Marty how does it feel to be Newby's Speller?

Check out the bad man being a speller!
by Effing and Jeffing March 07, 2008

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