a filipino word that refer to orgasmic delight
anna song never had a jed since she got a B
by dileep April 18, 2006
A girls boobies
also a lovely knickname for a girl with massive boobs
to a girl with huge (boobs) 'Your jeds are hugeee!!!'
guy to mate 'shes got the biggest jeds i've ever seen'
to a girl with massive (boobs) "y'alright Jeds"
by Jed's johnson (: December 09, 2010
A Toronto street term meaning Police
Yo dash that shit the Jeds just pulled up!
by dr.Jones February 01, 2010
A young teenage boy who spends most of his time in the woods, collecting his food. His food consists of mainly squirrels & occasionally a cat. He enjoys spending most of his spare time in his basement, playing pool & watching whatever is on the tv. He is also a hoarder. His best friend is his pet bunny.
Person 1- what's poppin at jed's tonight man?
Person 2- oh, you know. just chillin with the usual crowd at jed's basement, playing pool of course, but the 8 ball has gone missing.

Person 1-oh well, im sure we can find one somewhere in that hoarder's basement.
by montoya567 August 11, 2011
A tiny, insignifcant quantity of food added to a reciepe. Smaller than a pinch.
How many oats do we need? 200g and a jed
by Trianglegirl October 19, 2015
A Jed is somebody who loves hotrods, a lot!
Normally pronounced hotroddddddsssssss!
Guy 1 - Hey Buddy did you see that Jed?
Guy 2 - What are you talking about?
Guy 1 - The Jed over there really likes his hotrod that much he is ripping the ears off it!
by George1280 October 23, 2013
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