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broomster is a legend in his own underpants.
My god it's Broomster!
by Broomster June 24, 2003
Extremely full,
Packed out.
The last bus home was wedged.
The cornishman is always wedged.
by Broomster June 27, 2003
To fuck up, big style..
Comes from "Ken Stephenson"
My god, he's done a stivvy..
by Broomster June 24, 2003
A girl that's slept around a lot, also known as a slapper..
That Irene, she's like a pet shop, i bet she's had a cockatoo (cock or two) in her time...
by Broomster June 24, 2003
To stick your head out of a moving train window, and wave outrageous arm gestures... Signifies a large loco on the front.
Truth Addict bellowed at the extremely large goyle on the front of his train...
by Broomster June 27, 2003
Phrase used by kids tv characters the teletubbies.
"Uh oh Tinky Winky" said Laa Laa.
by Broomster June 24, 2003
Guard or other ticket collector who is doing ticket check on board a train.
Get your tickets out lads, here comes the gripper...
by Broomster June 29, 2003

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