Pl. Jeds
A slang term used to desribe a person who has sexual/intimate relations with their cousins and possibly other close family members. Today, it is commonly used to describe people who have no social skills, are unintelligent or just look stupid. Its origins come from a large, wealthy private school that was large enough to form its own upper class suburb in the north shore of Sydney, Australia.
"Stop spooning your cousin you jed!"

Person one: "Hey Andy I don't think i'll go out on saturday night 'cause I have to watch the third season of Gossip Girl."
Person Two: "Seriously, you are such a jed."
by Anon1991_2010 June 16, 2010
Blackest Man Alive. The Darkness.
Person: Yo, dawg why is it so dark here?
Other person: Jed just walked in.
by SupahFlyy November 11, 2010
Tall guy with long hair and beard, who wears a large overcoat no matter what the weather. Based at New Street but known nationally. Favourite saying "What was on the Brighton"
Jed, you're a ned!
by Broomster June 29, 2003
Australian Definition:

1. Geek
2. Nerd
3. Someone who focuses intensely on a hobby. (i.e. Dungeons & Dragons, Star Wars, Guitar, pretty much anything that the accuser finds stupid or not worthy of time)
Man, Anthony is such a jed, all he does is play with his barbie doll collection.

Thomas scored 98% on his exam, what a fucking jed, man.
by Ivonin December 12, 2007
man ho who gets mad if u dont send him pictures of your boobs way more into sluts. has the ugliest face in the world, and can often be compared to sewer water. has hillbilly accent and smells like farm, smoke, and jerky.
Milly:Jed is such a douche.
Trissy:He smells like dirty farm.

by immmabanditwithaloottacashh January 15, 2009
a humanoid
apparently before jed had left us he wrote some poems
by Jimmy August 20, 2003
A lightweight, sissy, girly man who likes to do pedicures and loves to french braid girls' hair. A Jed typically reads Cosmo magazine in his free time and loves to shop for new the latest antiques.
"Did you see that girl with those antiques?"

"No, that was just a Jed. Check out his fantastic pedicure!"
by Jedalicious April 25, 2009

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