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possiably the worst and most unrealistic of internet jargon....
'pissing myself laughing' sure u are
arse: OMFG really pmsl
cool dude: please dont piss...
arse: wat?
cool dude: stfu n00b
by carey March 24, 2004
literally, hunting with a bow. very popular among fans of the medieval times and mythical beasts.
"girls only want boyfriends with great skills....you know, numchuck skills, bowhunting skills....girls only want boyfriends who have great skills." (napoleon dynamite)
by carey December 30, 2004
a chinese nigga, a chinese person who dresses/walks/talks like a black person
hey that chinese dude wearing a doo rag is a real a chizznizz.
by Carey December 18, 2004
1.A very small man who spends his time slappin da salami
2.A name for little girls who are stupid jeds and go to Maquarie uni
3. see also pin
1.oh look there is Mugzy, he is a jed
2.hey mugzy is still a jed
by Carey April 20, 2003
Specifically referring to the Key Compton. He is a lil keynis weenis penis.
"BAAHAA, look at the baby keynis"
by Carey March 01, 2005
a white boy/girl who acts like a black person. or a white nigger
viktor from my school is a white boy who wears ecko, jerseys, baggy clothing, thinks he can dance, and thinks he can "flow" (freestyle rap).. therefore he is a wigger
by Carey July 20, 2004
The moment when a person is preusured or fells presured, and it is shown by his/her face fucking up for a split second.
andy: omfg did u see that girls face ,what a stupid bitch

william: u fuckin n0ns3 she has a twitch! go fucking kill urself
by carey March 21, 2004

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