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A fine ass guy that kicks ass in every way possible and is da bomb in the back seat. He's got a great booty. He's awesome at baseball and he's sexy and he's the greatest in the backseat.
Jed kicks ass and is really hot..
by Jedschicklet June 05, 2004
343 219
a guy who is so vicious you cannot comprehend his viciousness. he kicks so much ass that he is an ass kickin machine and all the ladies come flockin to honey. jed is the master, the one ruler of all! he is the one man able to kick ass on a daily basis, and he could bang your mom so quick, she wouldnt know where the intense pleasure came from! to simplify, jed is the master biatch!!!!!!
Wow man, i sure wish i could be jed! he sure is cool! i wish i had the mad bitches jed gets!!!
by bob April 14, 2004
870 281
One hot man.
I want to have Jed's babies.
by -- February 24, 2004
536 207
hes the fuckin masta.. jed gets all da bitches, u aint got shit on him hoe. go to da plate, he whoops ya azz in baseball 2. dont mess, he from gwood. represent
jed owns your ass, donkey.
by kyle June 01, 2004
487 301
kakashi undercover. all the ladies dig him hardcore.
man, i want that hot ninja jed.
by not faith January 18, 2005
286 147
Brilliant, superb, top of the league, king of the gods.

Derived from the word, Jedi, which itself doesn't mean anything
This buckie is pure jed by the way.

"On the 43rd minute, Danny Invincible scored a jed goal for Killie. It was one of the jeddest goals seen all season".
by c.r. November 27, 2007
181 113
Jed is mostly used as a nickname (as an abbreviation of a longer name).

Nobody messes with Jed.
by John McManiac July 30, 2006
154 107