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One hot man.
I want to have Jed's babies.
by -- February 24, 2004
blue monday hangover Of south African origin.
The day after going to the bar, the men suffered of a huge babalazi.
by -- November 18, 2004
Haha Linz, Im sorry I love you!
Someone Loves Linz:D
by -- December 17, 2004
The forums were a once mighty empire that sank into the quicksand of time. But it is not over yet, not by a long shot, my friends, for we have risen again!
NN2S...more like NNN2S...
by -- October 30, 2003
Amazingly awesome.
Dude, you are soooo Dubeta
by -- June 21, 2003
The noise Jon's lopsided sac makes, to reduce friction.
It also functions as a kind of cow bell, to alert Tim's mom that Jon is ready to mate.
*phlap phlap phlap*
Look! It's Jon!
by -- March 19, 2004
abbreviation of chink word (puk kai) meaning literally,'go find a corner in the street and DIE'.
pk ben i dnt want ur fukin opinion
by -- March 05, 2005

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