1.heavily under the influence of controlled substances and/or alcohol

2.Being defeated by a large margin
1.-"Last night I was so jazzed"
-"You cant even begin to comprehend the level of jazzed-ness I was at when I smoked salvia"

2."Dude I just got jazzed by that level 70"
by kitchenstadium October 22, 2007
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to be excited by something
I'm really jazzed with the new sushi restaurant.
by Scoats May 09, 2003
Verb: To Jazz. To forcibly evict an unwanted house guest, in the manner of the character Jazz from the fresh prince of bell air.
Will: Yo Jazz, did you see hillary last night?
Jazz: Yeah, i just finished her off, man i actually went taint deep.
Will: Fo sure, wow man,...ooh shit Uncle Phil is home.
Phil: Jazz you useless son of a bitch, i told you to never fuck my daughter again.
Jazz: I never touched her Uncle Phil, i swear, now why don't i just leave quietly.
Phil: Oh no i've jazzed you too many times only for you to come back in here like a muthafuckin boomarang,...now your fucking dead.
(Phil quickly pulls out a big fucking gun, you know the type that Dirty Harry usedthen he blows that useless bastards head clean off).
Will: Yeah Uncle Phil, that was ICE cold.
Phil: Well i always told him that i'm a bad muthafucka.

Exeunt all (whilst the fresh prince theme tune plays out)
by Nick Manning's Catchphrase February 11, 2009
To be overly enthused about something. Ecstatic. Often times coupled with jazz hands to be more demonstrative.
I'm totally jazzed that you are coming to visit this weekend.
by EAF June 28, 2005
Juiced, excited, happy. A WAY BETTER WORD FOR JUICED.
Sara: are you jazzed for the homecoming game??

abbey: too jazzed!!!!
by mrphillipsbhs October 15, 2011
The past partciple of Jizz, and an alternate form of the rather unpleasant, "Jizzed".

I am Jizzing
I will Jizz
I Jazzed.
Yeah man, I jazzed on her face thrice times.
by Garwandy October 10, 2011
1. excited, alert, and having a positive attiude

2. drug or alcohol intoxicated
He is always jazzed after three beers.
by Light Joker October 21, 2006
To turn on sexually; to stimulate.
Usually one is jazzed by their loved one's words, actions, eyes, or movement.
My girl friend totally jazzed me the other night when she made a move towards me wanting more.
by AdamYa February 23, 2006

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