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to be excited by something
I'm really jazzed with the new sushi restaurant.
by Scoats May 09, 2003
literally a bag of semen, could literally mean a used condom. In actual usage, it refers to someone who acts like an extreme asshole.
"I can't believe that jitbag grabbed my girlfriend's hooters".
by Scoats May 09, 2003
the inverse relationship between the size of a man's vehicle and the size of his penis.
Another dude in an H2, definitely Hummer Syndrome. Man why doesn't he just get a bumper sticker that says "I'm compensating for my small dick".
by Scoats May 12, 2003
Yet another phrase for breasts. An extention of "mellons", coming by way of those crappy Precious Moments statuettes.
by Scoats May 09, 2003
oral sex performed on a supposedly straight man by a gay man
Dude, just say no if Bruce offers you a "San Francisco Treat".
by Scoats August 11, 2003
the oversized upper arms of highly overweight women, usually highly visible during summer when these women wear sleeveless shirts.
Ugh, look at the flippers on that heffer.
by Scoats May 10, 2003
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