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A meaning of crap or un-fairness
Parent: Son eat all your yams.

Child: Man, This is Jank
by watupdog May 20, 2010
1 6
excessively ghetto
that comb tooth that you used to keep you tongue ring open while you were in jail was jank!!
by hitman hooker May 13, 2010
18 23
To Jank or be Jank; Jank means to be unjust, uncool, awesome, fantastic and gnarly all at the same time.
Dude, that was so Jank! Hey man, don't jank me like that again.
by Yiiinage and Jaws March 24, 2010
14 19
bad, horrible, not fair, not right.
"He wouldn't let me go with her!"

"Dude, that's jank!"
by TaylorKeeling October 26, 2009
4 9
the universal term for everything. it can be placed into anything, as long as it is funny, or of you feel it is appropriate.
also, can be used to call someone by the name of Justin
Justin you are suck a Jank
im going to play some Jank of Duty: Jank at war
by that guy man July 19, 2009
8 13
Wack, Messed up, Bullshit, unfair.
Terrorist: Haha, I bombed your country.
American Citizen: That shit is Jank.
by ShesthatRideordiechick February 23, 2009
77 82
Something that is hated, despised at all costs.
"I cannot believe she settled for that loser. That is jank."
by somasha November 29, 2008
15 20