1.Used when you bout to knock a bitch out!!!

2.Pull aside----HARD
1."I'm bout to straight JANK yo ass!"

2."Security straight janked his ass out tha club, dawg!"
by Baby Wes February 12, 2004
verb; to steal anything from anybody, usually from a friend
example- Stop trying to jank my pop. He tried to jank my wallet but i stopped the bastard in his tracks.
by luke chatelain & dave shchlossman January 12, 2004
A word used in any way shape or form to describe anything.
I got real janked after the jankity game. So I found myself Janking this broad, until she told me to jank it in her ass. Damn how jank was that?
I said "jank but no janks"
by Shafedog November 24, 2003
messed up, stupid, wierd, confused, pretty much anything!!!
what jank?!!
Now that's janked!
by jam July 01, 2003
adjective - terrible, crap, worthless, moronic, shitty.
Man wtf, Aven Shrine is such jank.

Why do i always have to get all these janky cards in sealed.

Next time i see someone pull that jank again, im gonna cut em with artificial evolution.
by tgoodz May 08, 2003
the act of insulting someone or something.
Stop janking my mama! And, don't you jank my daddy, either?
by Netti Byrd January 25, 2003
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