messed up, stupid, wierd, confused, pretty much anything!!!
what jank?!!
Now that's janked!
by jam July 01, 2003
adjective - terrible, crap, worthless, moronic, shitty.
Man wtf, Aven Shrine is such jank.

Why do i always have to get all these janky cards in sealed.

Next time i see someone pull that jank again, im gonna cut em with artificial evolution.
by tgoodz May 08, 2003
the act of insulting someone or something.
Stop janking my mama! And, don't you jank my daddy, either?
by Netti Byrd January 25, 2003
John Mcdonald

thats pretty much it:)
this is so jank!
by Bailey'14 August 16, 2011
something horrible, discusting, sick.
yuck, you're jank!
by loljk89 August 07, 2011

To steal pictures from another person's Facebook account.
That picture of us is awesome, I'm totally going to jank it when I get home tonight.
by KesoFille July 13, 2011
somthing stupid or lame
this party is jank im so bored
by ak18 July 01, 2011

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