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John Mcdonald

thats pretty much it:)
this is so jank!
by Bailey'14 August 16, 2011
0 5
something horrible, discusting, sick.
yuck, you're jank!
by loljk89 August 07, 2011
2 7

To steal pictures from another person's Facebook account.
That picture of us is awesome, I'm totally going to jank it when I get home tonight.
by KesoFille July 13, 2011
6 11
somthing stupid or lame
this party is jank im so bored
by ak18 July 01, 2011
1 6
A project that is composed of more than 40% duct tape
Brian: "Hey Joe, how's that engineering project coming that you and Roberto are working on?"

Joe: "I did all the programming and that works fine, but I let Roberto build it so you know it's jank."
by Tampa_Fan32 November 12, 2010
3 8
A form of picking on each other, associated with "Ya Momma".
Son you just got janked down!
by Austin Vaught November 02, 2010
3 8
Jank is not such a common word. It is only used when something is crappy, bad, sucky..etc.
by Scene Kween August 03, 2010
3 8