A house party involving large amounts of alcohol, people, and loud music.
A: What are all those kids doing in that house? The music is too damn loud!

B: It must be a Jam.
#jam #drunk #music #people #dance
by The Guy With The Fly November 03, 2010
an acronym standing for Just Ate Must Sleep used to describe the sleepy feeling you get after you eat. is often solved by rest hour and is commonly used at camp aloha
maia just ate 10 chicken patties
maia says "i've got the JAMS"
#aloha #food #sleep #rest hour #food baby
by aloha camper August 12, 2010
Means 'awesome' or 'great'. Often shouted, pronounced something like, 'JAAAYYYUM!'
An example of the word jam:

Person 1: Dude, I just saw Chuck Norris in Wal*Mart!
Person 2: JAAYYYUM!!!
#awesome #really cool #great #snazzy #badass
by hottiemchottpantsass November 11, 2009
Another word for marijuana/ herb.

Jamming - Smoking a joint.
Pass the jam.
#marijuana #joint #weed #pooshune pang #herb
by Bim Boy September 18, 2009
Just A Moment
jam brb
ok ill wait
#brb #g2g #ttyl #bbs #aim #text
by a89angl January 15, 2009
To hang about somewhere, mainly used by Londoners
Come we go jam in the park bludd
by Jamm. June 20, 2005
Jams: the welsh name for james, tend to be sheep lovers with loud personalities and a unsatiable attraction to men. Often found in bars and clubs chatting up women, very sociable with a fondness for alcohol they also tend to be exhibitionists and don't miss a chance to take off their clothes. Jams' make very good, loyal friends who are always there when you need them. Always up for a laugh they're the best kind of guy to play dares with.
Jams do you know that girls name?
Jams do you know that guys name?
Jams i dare you to jump into that river naked!
#james #naked #sheep #men #clubs
by paddleduck February 21, 2011
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