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Means 'awesome' or 'great'. Often shouted, pronounced something like, 'JAAAYYYUM!'
An example of the word jam:

Person 1: Dude, I just saw Chuck Norris in Wal*Mart!
Person 2: JAAYYYUM!!!
by hottiemchottpantsass November 11, 2009
Another word for marijuana/ herb.

Jamming - Smoking a joint.
Pass the jam.
by Bim Boy September 18, 2009
Just A Moment
jam brb
ok ill wait
by a89angl January 15, 2009
To hang about somewhere, mainly used by Londoners
Come we go jam in the park bludd
by Jamm. June 20, 2005
jam (noun), or plural jams, refers to prescription adderall pills or the generic d-amphetamine salt combo. the up or high you get is called "jamming" pernounced "jammin"
"Fuck dude, I took a jam last night, i was pimpin all night. I brought this fine ass slut home but i was jammin and drunk and couldn't get a fuckin hard-on bro."
by BajaBaja August 05, 2009
"jam your hype"
by cooldude53 December 19, 2008
Acronym for Jocular Alpha Male, named so for their primary function of attempting to jam every female in sight. Common traits include low intelligence, superiority complex brought on by deep ceded insecurity/homoerotic denial, muscle mass consistent with steroid abuse and a predilection for jager bombs and HGH.
JAM 1: I'm so jacked right now man! I just blasted my delts at the gym! I can't wait to hit the bar tonight, pound some jager bombs and bang some skanks!

JAM 2: I just spent the rest of my money on HGH from China, so I can't go broski. Why don't we stay at my place, watch Brokeback Mountain and cuddle?

JAM 1: What the fuck did you just say?

JAM 2: Chill out dude, I'm just kidding... (aside) but not really.
by Corey McCutcheon July 10, 2008