A popular term used to refer to any interaction, often romantic, between Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly of the U.S. version of The Office. Created by combining the first names of the two characters.
"There definitely wasn't enough Jam in that episode tonight."
"I know!"
by scrantones April 17, 2007
jam means to have sexual contact between individuals.....2 or more is acceptable
"I got the peanut butter im just looking for my jam"
by jammaster1212 October 12, 2011
Pretty, cute, beautiful, sexy
Yoo that girl is Jam yo
by Woah boy June 10, 2011
acronym for "just a min"; brb be right back g2g gtg ttyl
"Can u hand me that artichoke?"
"Jam. im busy."
waits a minute. gives artichoke.
by K.Duds May 17, 2011
A house party involving large amounts of alcohol, people, and loud music.
A: What are all those kids doing in that house? The music is too damn loud!

B: It must be a Jam.
by The Guy With The Fly November 03, 2010
Just A Minute
J.A.M. gotta clean my room
by Thepersonwhocreatedjam August 18, 2010
an acronym standing for Just Ate Must Sleep used to describe the sleepy feeling you get after you eat. is often solved by rest hour and is commonly used at camp aloha
maia just ate 10 chicken patties
maia says "i've got the JAMS"
by aloha camper August 12, 2010

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