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To jam is play jazz on a musical instrument such as the saxophone; or to rock out to your favourite music artist by yourself or with others.
"So are we jamming on thursday?"
"I'm jamming, what are you up to?"
by kate February 23, 2005
to engage in sexual intercourse, or sexual act involving penetration
"hey mike do you know chryste?" "yea, shes girl i met in college that i been jamming her off and on for a few years now"

"Yea i jammed her the other night it wasnt any good though"

"I used to talk to her but she wasnt letting me jam so i stopped fucking with her"
by rybiggs May 05, 2011
To move or work fast, as in a restaurant.
Man! 8:00 we got 3 dueces and 6 4-tops. We were jamming! Then we got 4 more tables and we were in the weeds.
by jmarcv June 11, 2009
A term first coined at the foot fetish site thrusting your foot repeatedly into a guy's hardon pushing it into his abs until he squirts a load. Although it
can be forceful, usually considered
just a jock to jock activity. Clearly for guys into feet.
At a restaurant your partner thrusts either his shoe or sock foot into your
crotch underneath the tablecloth no one
knowing he's about ready to make you squirt a load in your pants with his heel.
by marty August 24, 2003
any get together for artist not specifically confined to musical session.
Jamming on some painting subjects this weekend with my coach will be a good idea.
by Saigon De Manila July 18, 2016
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