In Roller Derby, a jam is the two minute time period in which both teams try to score points against the opposing team by circling the trackin packs and moving their jammer past the opposing blockers. The jammer scores a point each time her hips pass an opposing blocker. The lead jammer can call off the jam by repeatedly putting her hands on her hips.
The lead jammer scored 12 points before she called off the jam.
by Cat O'Ninetails October 25, 2006
a place where the best jams are played, a party
"yo, imma reach the house jam tomorrow!"
by mami 2 da fullest May 02, 2004
An abbreviation of the welsh word "jaman", this is an exclamation used when a person says something with a degree of certainty, which is immediately contradicted by the words or actions of either the same or some other person, or some other event.
Friend 1: I did not sleep with that ugly girl!

Ugly Girl: I had a great time last night, call me!

Friend 2: Jam for you!

Flatmate 1: I know there are no tickets left for that comedian next march!

Flatmate 2: Well I just bought 2 tickets for the the late show online, so jam for you!
by colingra February 12, 2009
Another name for someone who you really like whose name is Joshua. His twin brother is Joseph whose nickname is Jelly.
Person 1 :Did you see the look on Jam's face when Jelly's girlfriend flashed him?
Person 2:I thought that was you?
Person 1: Oh yeah! My bad!
by Maria Cochina July 28, 2008
To eat someone else's food. Especially junk food. (A term coined by my brother Richard.)
Dammmmnnnnn, who put the jam on my cookies?!? For real, who put the jam on my ice cream? I'm gonna put the jam on these snack cakes.
by Michelle Roy May 30, 2008
A small group of moshas/moshers inhabiting stockport fighting a desperate battle against the skallys
they find all skallys words to be stupid and retarded will take the piss out of them to any cost.
Scally: "eeeer ya yo want a smack"
the reply is often:
"no thnx i thought it migh have been obvious but would you like some cheese"
by max and peter jam members August 13, 2004
Jimmy Antwon Mario Sherlock
JAMS was the bomb back in the day!
by hotsexbaby May 27, 2004

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