JAM is a well-known slang word within the UK standing for Just A Minute, a long running popular BBC Radio 4 panel. The slang JAM was first used within the BBC, but this unofficial slang is now far more widespread.

Devised by Ian Messiter (1920-1999) whilst aboard a London bus, JAM was first broadcast in South Africa before being adopted by the BBC in 1967. It is distinctive by its use of the minute waltz.

An extremely entertaining but simple format, celebrity contestants have to speak for one minute on a given subject without deviation, repetition (of a word) or hesitation. If they do, other celebrity panellists can make a challenge; a successful challenge means they in turn get to continue talking on that subject for the remains of the minute. By 2009 over 700 episodes of JAM have been aired.
"Don't telephone me at 6-30 as I'll be listening to JAM on the wireless."

"No chance of that as I'm also a fan of JAM!"
by caiptean September 21, 2009
a. the act of being hedonistically nubilous

b. the act of fermenting like a sea-lion the following day
c. people fluent in the artful language of JAManese
d. something you put on toast
by LIME JUICE July 08, 2009
when someone relates to tha topic.
Oh really thats my Jam, son!
by fighting porch monkeys August 12, 2007
to improvise in a group of two or more people with musical instruments, coming up with wild and funky riffs and glorious tunezoids
"We jammed on saturday and it sounded really sweet!!!"
by bitchincamaro June 17, 2005
See: sweet, cool, or tight

Derived from the origional defintion of fucking "i jamed her".
Meaning totally sweet or awesome.
That movie was really good. It was jam.
by TLS June 05, 2005
to leave

usually when late or in a hurry, or having a lot of things to do
"Come on dude, we gotta jam"
by sterling March 21, 2005
Jams: the welsh name for james, tend to be sheep lovers with loud personalities and a unsatiable attraction to men. Often found in bars and clubs chatting up women, very sociable with a fondness for alcohol they also tend to be exhibitionists and don't miss a chance to take off their clothes. Jams' make very good, loyal friends who are always there when you need them. Always up for a laugh they're the best kind of guy to play dares with.
Jams do you know that girls name?
Jams do you know that guys name?
Jams i dare you to jump into that river naked!
by paddleduck February 21, 2011

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