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An instrument that's fun to make fun of, but deep down inside, we all know it's pretty cool.
Those saxophone players are crazy, man.
by ducky March 29, 2005
A musicial instrument invented by Adolf Sax sometime in the 1800s. The instrument played by John "Trane" Coltrane (tenor sax), Charlie "Bird" Parker (alto sax), and Michael Brecker (tenor sax).
The saxophone is one of the greatest instruments ever created.
by Jimely December 09, 2003
1) the hottest musical instrument in the whole dfricken band
2)the hottest section in the world
3) saxez rok.
4)play the sax
i love my saxophone. i named it gladys.
by joidan September 20, 2005
The saxophone is the Raper of all other instruments. Usually played by some sexy Guy, or if the situation permits a sexy girl. The saxophone is the result of Thor taking a gay little clarinet and Zeus taking a qreerish French horn and having a mad fight to the death. The result was two dead gods and a musical instrument to replace them. The leader of the saxophone family is of course the Alto, Which is the only saxophone good enough to be frequently used as a hand to hand combat weapon in World war I and later fired as heavy artillery ammunition in World War II.
Jay Beckenstein plays the Alto saxophone so well he could single handedly defeat Nazi Germany
by wardsback April 16, 2010
a family of shiny, golden colored wind instruments that, contrary to popular belief, are greatly superior to trumpets, especially altos
Man, I was wrong, this saxophone is WAY better than that stupid trumpet.
by bandie April 13, 2009
perhaps the revolutionary instrument that has a complex genetic make-up, it originates from the mating of a clarinet, a lame instrument, and a french horn, the retarded off spring of a trumpet and a trombone. Together they formed a new instrument is really sexy, known for every sexual aspect about it, such as the size of it's wood it uses to make sweet music.
Jason: hey hot stuff, wanna make some sweet music with my big saxophones?
by Mike Rzystoopa February 20, 2008
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