jam (noun), or plural jams, refers to prescription adderall pills or the generic d-amphetamine salt combo. the up or high you get is called "jamming" pernounced "jammin"
"Fuck dude, I took a jam last night, i was pimpin all night. I brought this fine ass slut home but i was jammin and drunk and couldn't get a fuckin hard-on bro."
by BajaBaja August 05, 2009
This is an abbreviation for "just a mustache". It refers to the popular style of past of men sporting "just a mustache" without any other facial hair whatsoever. JAM was popular in many decades before the 1980s, but seems to have gone to the wayside since then. Often, men sport JAM in situations almost as a joke. This term was coined in the 1990s in Sarnia, Ontario and anyone who thinks they coined it before then may have done so concurrently, but not before me.
1. Magnum PI has JAM.

2. Hitler had JAM....it was a toothbrush JAM.
3. JAM rules.
by simonchuck June 21, 2009
word used as synonym for cool. Used by many and originated in St. Mary's County, MD cool slammin
Oh gosh golly, that was such a jam movie!
David thinks he's jam because he talked to the popular girl, Taylor, but he's not.
by Lord Cuckoo Butt April 25, 2008
To surpress or contain.
Coach was chatting rubbish too much on court and I simply replied "Jam your Hype Bruv!!!!"
by Richy Boi September 18, 2007
jiz, sperm, semen, cum, spermatozoa
"you fuck the daughter and the grandma. how much jam you got man?"
by analfriends February 20, 2007
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