When a group of people come together to chill and relax

Jam Meaning: to relax or chill out
Me: Hey Matt wanna jam round mine?
Matt: yeh sure bro

p.s Fuck you Alexandra Forsyth
by Con759 March 06, 2013
I love you <3 (:
by deanerss526 August 20, 2012
Just Ate Must Sleep
after that enormous lunch, I was feeling the JAMS pretty badly in class
by i'mnotcertain June 01, 2011
A jam is another name for party or event. It typically describes a group or 7-8 year olds celebrating a birthday party. It includes pizza, fruit punch and a pinata. It is often mistaken as a house party including alcohol and drugs by stupid faggots that think they are cool. So for all of you teens that think having a party thats pretty much illegal is a jam, then you are dumb. It is a time for rated G fun, not unrated illegal fun
Tom: Yo brah you here about Macy's jam on Friday?
Alan: Yea dawg its going to be so live man
Tom: I know I'm going to get so stoned!
Alan: Me too.

Josh: you guys are dumb it is called a house party not a jam. Jams are for little kids....
by ilovejbiebs<3 May 08, 2011
known as marijuana or to smoke marijuana.
1. yo do you have any jam?

2. dude you tryin to jam later?
by jamhead05 April 02, 2011
Just A Minute
J.A.M. gotta clean my room
by Thepersonwhocreatedjam August 18, 2010
That supreme moment of positive apathy followed by several head jerking movements and an irresistible urge to sing a song with true feeling.
Once Joey realized that he could be happy after all, he cranked up the tunes and started to jam
by Joey1994 September 20, 2009

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