Derogatory term used to describe any person in a position of judicial authority, esp. members of law enforcement
Sarah: "Hey, what took you so long?"

Bill:"Sorry, the jams pulled me over for speeding on the way over."
by Yechno March 22, 2011
1. (used to replace any noun.)

2. (used as a strong expression of joy, pleasure, or approval, often accompanied with a high five.)

Verb Phrases-
3. jam up, slang:
--a. drunk or high
--b. in pain or hurt
1. Do you have any of those jams left or do I need to buy some at the store?

2. You found the Lost Boys special edition DVD on sale? Jams!

3a. Oh man, that blunt really jammed me up.

3b. My ankle was all jammed up after I twisted it.
by MPDV March 09, 2009
A popular term used to refer to any interaction, often romantic, between Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly of the U.S. version of the television show The Office. Created by combining the first names of the two characters.
"There definitely wasn't enough Jam in that episode tonight."
"I know!"
by clarker April 23, 2007
When a group of people come together to chill and relax

Jam Meaning: to relax or chill out
Me: Hey Matt wanna jam round mine?
Matt: yeh sure bro

p.s Fuck you Alexandra Forsyth
by Con759 March 06, 2013
JAM = jelly as a motherfucker
dangus: RIP Zyzz - Son of Zeus, Brother of Hercules, Father of Aesthetics

skinny faggot: fuck Zyzz

dangus: lolol u mad brah? u must be JAM
by dangus vaikstyne October 07, 2011
Just Another Midget
Friend 1: Did she break up with you?

Friend 2: Yeah but meh, she was J.A.M
by FredZazinki September 28, 2011
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