In UK - sweet..you spread it on bread.
In USA + UK its something traffic gets into.
Everywhere - its makin' music live 'n real with others, for free.
"strawberry jam - yum yum."

The M25 near Heathrow anticlockwise around five.

Eric Clapton + guitar and a bottleneck, + others (minimum 1) + assorted instruments + booze and some collective ability to count 12 bar (blues).
by Huey1 May 14, 2005
Just a minute
Guy 1: BRO come check this out!
Guy 2: jam, i'm fapping.
by DiverseDefinitions March 02, 2015
Bad situation ; Going to jail or prison (mostly used in the mid-west)
Damn, Bobby got caught in that JAM.

Man, I was running, I had to get out of that JAM
by M4200cbf February 06, 2015
A word originating from toronto, meaning a party; especially one involving alchohol and drugs
Are you going to that jam?
Yo, throw a jam bro!
by criss990 November 04, 2011
another way to say pijamas
hey check out my new blue jams
by didacuus March 23, 2010
1. To Party!!!!

2. A Place You Go To Party"
1. "Yo Im jammin 2nyte"

2. "Im reachin a jam 2nyte yo you should hit it wit me"
by Baby Blue Bunnie June 11, 2005
Abbreviation of James, pronounced in a posh, Halifax accent. Preferably by Char.
Char: Hey look guys, its Jam, the fit 'won'.
Moon: Its the Jam smeller!
CRJ: How many times Si, Jam does not smell of Jam, go on.
(8) Carol!!!: Lyk ma earings, titanium n lot mayt.
Bert: Jams hot
CRJ: I know
Megune: I want a bit of Jam
Jam: Hey ladies.
Jennie: I'd do Jam
Rhino: Me too
Char: I have
Laura: You wish
Louis: I think he just ripped my topman shirt.
by JamJamSmeller January 26, 2009
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