A positive multifunctiontional expression for wanting to be "all over" a person, place, or thing .b. This word is also used singuarly as an exclamation of goodness or excitment. c. A serisouly groovy tune i.e. Bennie and the Jets. Originally derived from the Rasta term "Jammin" as applied to music and musical performances made popluar by Bob Marley.
I want to JAM on Chuck Bass because he is the sexiest man alive!

I'm so hungry, I need to JAM on some pico de gallo pronto!

S: I just got my paycheck lets go JAM on some alcohol.

(Bennie and the Jets begins to play)
S: I love this JAM! Lets twist
by Sarah F King May 24, 2008
slang term for money, started in urban cities in the midwest
Example 1:
bro#1: you goin' to that party bruh??

bro#2: naw fam.. gotta work. you know i gotta make that jam

Example 2:
Fuck bitches, get jam.
by Bro Thomp, SON! January 04, 2010
To be in a bad situation or serious trouble.
"That damn guy got me in a jam!"
"Holding Tyron's weed got me jammed up with my PO!"
by A.Daniel May 21, 2005
knee length shorts popular in the 80's, often cut from loud hawaiian print fabrics.
I'm wearing my jams today because its crazy hot.
by E. Roger Coswell June 08, 2005
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