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Guys- To rapidly yank your crank.
Chicks- To use variouse toys and satisfy yourself, or an electric toothbrush.
It is quite understandable.
by Maddie April 17, 2005
Just For Fun. Something done just for the fun of it.
-Hey, guess what!
-I decided to go to work today jff!
by Maddie March 11, 2005
Where AWESOME, but rich and intelligent kids live in mansions or large houses and drive expensive cars. You can always see atleast 3 Mercedes Benz and 5 SUVs. Most kids own designer clothes and there is a very high prep population. And Polo makes a lot of profit from this certain area. Most kids also go to ivy league colleges.
X: I bought this new polo the other day!
Y: So how many do you have now?
X: 257
by Maddie January 10, 2005
Possibly Japanese.
Usually someone who's popular, tanned and tall. Otherwise, totally hot.
Oh, my gosh! That guy is so Rainis!
by Maddie November 15, 2004
adj. very cool or nice.
v. the state of being very cool or nice.
"I went to the Von Bondies gig yesterday. It was rockar."

"Sheila's new skirt rockar."
by Maddie May 12, 2004
a female or male with a golden or yellowish haircolor that does not affect your intelligence (i am blonde and i skipped 2 grades ha ha hah ha)
I am smart blonde
by Maddie April 06, 2004
A way of expressing yourself, through style, music, choice of whatever the fuck you want.Punk is an "I don't give a fuck attitude" But NOONE is punk...Punk is all about being yourself, so don't just go randomely place yourself in the "punk" category
The Casualties are true punk. Good Charlotte AREN'T
by Maddie December 20, 2003
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