A small group of moshas/moshers inhabiting stockport fighting a desperate battle against the skallys
they find all skallys words to be stupid and retarded will take the piss out of them to any cost.
Scally: "eeeer ya yo want a smack"
the reply is often:
"no thnx i thought it migh have been obvious but would you like some cheese"
by max and peter jam members August 13, 2004
Jimmy Antwon Mario Sherlock
JAMS was the bomb back in the day!
by hotsexbaby May 27, 2004

1. The blood a lady discharges from her Vagina whilst on her period.
"May we commence sexual intercource Geraldine?"

"Absolutley not robbert, my Vagnial region is dripping with period Jam"
by I am a fruit. September 14, 2009
A word that sounds funny.
Person A: "Jam!"

Person B: "Ah ha ha ha ha"
by Words Wired Weird February 04, 2008
another word for "do", or to take action

or to smoke pot
"I'll jam that."


"You guys wanna go jam?"
by chillinthamost May 21, 2005
In baseball, one may reference a 2 or 3 run homerun as such.
Bill: How was the game?
Tom: Awesome, Beltran hit a 3 run jam to end the game.
by GT8383 May 27, 2006
One definition comes from the Roller Derby when the fastest skater passes those on the other team. When the skater is going really fast he is on a JAM. A slang useage example would be "let's jam".
Let's jam instead of let's go
by Roland October 31, 2005
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