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Jakers is used in Ireland as a euphemism for Jesus, to avoid taking his name in vain. See also: Janey Mac and James's Street (both euphemisms for Jesus Christ).
Jakers, did she really!?
by Matt Madra April 26, 2008
55 7
douche bag or a person that enjoys sexual attention from other men
That guy received a sac tap and liked it, what a jakers.

Some guy was a total jakers and cut me off today!!
by im@kewords March 01, 2011
3 15
slang for jackass or dumbass
Everybody look at that jaker!
by sumbitch October 28, 2006
9 22
means "just kidding". originates from the acronym "jk" (jaykay).
"yo mommas so fat she needs her own zip code. jakers!"
by likeomgnowayyy December 21, 2007
2 23
An alias for a kid named Jake in Cisco....He is called this name everytime he walks into the class. It is said in an annoying infantile manner.
Heyyyy ! Jakers is here (in an annoying voice) - Steve
by Blah April 05, 2005
6 43