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meaning just kidding, coming from the abbreviation of jk (just kidding)
You suck and your mom is a ho.....jaykay
by YEAH! February 03, 2005
The pronounciation of the acronym jk, which stands for just kidding. Used as internet lingo, or, for really cool people, in real life conversations.
John: think I might be gay.
Rob: Will you marry me?
John: jay kay!
by Mikey P in the Flesh July 18, 2005
Another way of saying Just Kidding, or J/K on IM related messages.
Cool Guy: Hey your fat!
Nice Girl: What! Never talk to me again!
Cool Guy: Jay kay!
Nice Girl: Haha, okay!
by Sanel Osmanovic October 05, 2005
To fist a guys rancid asshole until he shits on your arm.
Wow you are jaykaying that ass like no tomorrow.
by Ralphie Donkey February 09, 2008
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