Well, to start off, he'll be the best friend you'll ever have. He'll always be there for you when you need someone. He's very caring,fun, and outgoing. He likes to do crazy stuff with his friends. Always looks on the brightside and is barely down. He'll make you feel special.
Female 1:Hey, is that Jake?

Female 2:Yea!

Female 1:I dare you to say hi to him!

Female 2:but I'm too shy..

Female 1:Fine, I'll say it then.


Female 1:Hi Jake!! :)

Jake:Heyy. :D

Female 1:**Faints**

Jake:Woaaah, did I do something??

BAM, she just fangirled until she fainted.
by JenMatrixx December 04, 2013
The dog on Advednture Time!
JAKE! Use your stretchy power to wrap up that monster!
by zeroto1hundred August 12, 2014
jake is a guy who can make anyone smile. his sense of humor is priceless and his blue eyes are flawless. he has perfect hair and did i mention his eyes? he yes, like everyone else has flaws but to most girls hes irresistable. the jake i know is my everything and i couldnt live without him.

dear jake,
i love youu
"jakes so perfect," kalyn said.
"yes, and hes so freaking funny," replied kendall.
by ily..(: October 22, 2013
A super funny, nice, sexy, athletic, goofy guy who knows how to make you laugh and be extremely romantic. Great in bed, great as a friend, the all around perfect guy.
Rachel: Woah, Annie's dating a Jake!

Jenny: Yeah, I know! I'm so jealous!
by Cassidy Brown March 08, 2012
the rawest nigga god ever made
that guy is such a jake
by swagjake April 17, 2015
Usually a Bandwagoner Sports fan. Jumps teams everyday. And claims to be a Life-Long Clipper Fan. Most people named Jake don't watch games but look at stats which makes it hard to talk sports with them.
All of the Heat Fans are Jake's.
by Clipper Darrel June 03, 2013
Jake is annoying little shit that's your friend no matter how annoying he is. He also likes to use gay terms like calling people a Bear even though he is secretly gay. His friends know this, but they really don't care because Jake is their homosexual friend! :D
Guy: Hey Jake

Jake: Hey Bear ;)

Guy 1: ...
by !Mr. Bear! February 10, 2015

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