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A slang word for ''curse''.
Don't curse at me.
by David March 07, 2004
so-called "bad" words.
Fuck, shit, and bitch are some examples or cuss words.
by Saria June 02, 2003
To curse, swear, or invoke the name of God in vain.
Don't fucking cuss at me, mothafucka.
by AYB February 17, 2003
Retarded way of saying "curse" aka swear terms.
Examples of "cussing": Fuck, Shit.
by ~...~ March 01, 2010
To be insulted in the worst way possible. To be cussed.
"I cuss you bad"
by Monkeybuttpadje February 17, 2003
to insult somebody; an insult
1:stupid faggot
2:don't be cussin' me fool!
by cussmaster June 19, 2005
to formally/informally take the piss out of someones life/surroundings/mum/dad/house/ho.
Your momma is soooo fat she cut her leg and gravy came out!
Your momma has got a padlock on her pussy and everyones got the key to it except your dad.
Your dads like father christms he only visits once year and always brings a "ho ho ho".
Your house is so dirty your hoover needs mud guards!
by cerebral March 15, 2003
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