a fun nice guy who is darn funny and knows alot of useful things and is very good looking. he DOES not eff goats and or any other animal.
wow, he is a jake...not a kade.
by jadeliciousdamn April 03, 2009
Someone who has so many elements to their personality you can't ever describe them.
'Woah, did you see that guy? He's obviously a Jake'
'Yeah man, he's an awesome Jake'
by miss.mowor March 01, 2009
Jakes are really amazing guys. Usually the tall, dark and handsome type. Ladies, look deep into those eyes because they are no where near as plain as they look from a distance! Jakes usually are really manly and buff, but have the cutest man-giggle ever. Their smiles are contagious and they have the cutest dimples ever. Jakes are guys who will respect you and your personal space, and have a certain chivalrous quality that is indeed acceptable by today's standards. He's the kind of guy you can tell all your secrets to, and share your dreams with. Never judge a Jake by his cover, because they can seem like total douches, and even come off as pervy; when, in reality, they are loving guys! You don't have to try much to catch their attention, a little bit goes a long way. They are super easy to talk to and make the average girl want to have a happy spasm.
Girl 1: So Jake and I started talking last night!

Girl 2: Shut up, he is so hot!!! What did you guys talk about?

Girl 1: Everything. Politics, marriage, parents, school, boys, girls, romance, food, and other random stuff.

Girl 2: ..... Have you ever talked to him before?

Girl 1: Nope. Not a word.
by someteenagedgirl May 13, 2013
Jake's have an abnormally large penis of at least ten inches. They are able to erect easily and are known as the "sex god". You would be lucky to know a jake.
"He was such a jake in bed last night"
by Stevetheman123098 December 14, 2013
an amazing, gorgeous, and caring guy. he truly understands when you say you just want to be friends... those kind of guys are hard to find. he will be your best friend, and honesty is something he doesn't struggle with at all. he will say the most amazing things to you... as a friend, wanting nothing more than friendship. so glad i have a jake. becoming best friends feels so natural... hope that doesn't sound too cheesy.
once you find a jake, you know you've found a best friend for life.
by not sure? ;* March 09, 2012

A wonderful person. Jakes always have a great sense of style and music. They love cars and motorcycles. They are caring, loving, smart, senitive and creative. Jakes are the type of people you just can't help but love. If you are a Jake, you should be very proud of these qualities valued greatly in society.
Oh, that must be a Jake.
by Yogan April 21, 2012
Jake's are the best boyfriends you could ever have. Usually have dirty blond hair with brown eyes, one may be a different shade from the other but that makes him more interesting. Jake's are very crazy (in the good way) and never have a dull moment. Very fun to hang out with and know how to keep a party going. Jake's are always different from everyone and that's what makes them so special. They are best gamers ( not to mentions the sweetest ) and know how to make a girl laugh. He is very caring, compassionate, trustworthy, and adorable. They aren't afraid to be romantic or sexual to you. Jake's are also very good kissers and make every moment with them romantic and sweet. Very athletic and have fantastic collar bones <3 Absolutely perfect in many's eyes.

Jake's are the best guy you'll ever meet.
He's such a Jake, I love him.

Jake is the best boyfriend in the world.
by Wclf.gaming May 27, 2014

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